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My lifelong passion for photography began at an early age, when it was mainly put to good use covering a variety of motor and motorcycle sports, with a special focus on drag racing.

Over a period of 12 years, I supplied many publications in Europe, America and this country with my work - usually accompanied by feature articles.

I trained as a mechanical designer by profession - designing handling machines, military equipment, and then mobile and satellite phones - but photography has always been my main interest.

The advent of digital imaging saw me moving into this exciting new area in 1992, when it was still very much in it’s infancy. With many years experience of using Photoshop, I have accumulated a deep understanding of this exciting medium. I have worked as a full-time professional photographer and photojournalist since 2003.

A move back to Dorset in 2004 - my wife Annie comes from Bridport - resulted in my joining an art gallery cooperative group. I was invited to join the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen in 2005, and my work has been featured in a number of galleries. In 2006 I co-founded the Artsinn group to stage local exhibitions, and successfully took part in Dorset Art Weeks exhibitions.
For the past 12 years, I have undertaken regular commercial car photography commissions, and for a number of years I have been producing illustrated features for Custom Car magazine, and for motor cycle magazines.

In 2010, I wrote and illustrated the first book on the history of British drag bike racing, published by Veloce. This was followed by a self published limited edition photo book. I have also been involved in supplying images and help in producing two drag racing history books, in the USA and UK. My biggest undertaking was successfully writing and publishing the life story of one of the major names in drag racing across Europe, Dennis Priddle. This book is now to be followed by a book publication looking back at a legendary bike drag racer and sprinter, John Hobbs.


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